Ship security officer training manual pdf
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What Are The Duties Of Ship Security Officer (SSO)?. PROVIDERS OF MARITIME SECURITY TRAINING

ship security officer training manual pdf

designated security duties in connection with a Ship Security Plan (SSP) to perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 74 as amended, the ISPS Code, and section A-VI/6 of the STCW Code, as amended.. security of ships and port facilities. The company is responsible for implementing The company is responsible for implementing an effective safety and security management system to ….
information with Ship Security Training Manual (Sample). The present training manual was The present training manual was developed and released by the COESS Working Committee Maritime Security in 2008. Security Officer (CSO) for the company and a Ship Security Officer (SSO) for each of its ships. The responsibilities of these officers are defined, as are the requirements for their training and drills. The training needs and requirements of the SSO are being developed in the context of the STCW Convention. The

ship security officer training manual pdf

General Fire Prevention Training VSO Vessel Security Officer Revision dated April 2012 viii . VSP Vessel Security Plan VTS Vessel Traffic Service Revision dated April 2012 ix . 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Scope and Policy Scope: This document describes safe vessel specifications and operational procedures as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Vessel Safety Manual. "Ship Security Officer Training Course" • PMO Means the seafarers' training, certification and watch keeping (STCW) code as adopted by the 1995 conference resolution 2,as it may be amended by the international maritime organization. 3-29 Support Level Means the level of responsibility associated with performing assigned tasks, duties or responsibilities on board a seagoing ship under the.
The training and qualification requirements for Ship Security Officers remain unchanged by the entry into force of STCW VI/6. 2. Security related familiarisation training Any person, except passengers, employed or engaged onboard St Vincent and The Grenadines vessel should have received security-related familiarization training satisfying the requirement of STCW Code A-VI/6.1 prior to be.
ship security officer training manual pdf

Qualification Ship Security Officer STCW reg VI/6 Sect. A-VI/5 & the MNTB guidelines. Course Description This course aims to provide knowledge to those who may be designated to perform the duties and/or hold the responsibilities of a Ship Security Officer (SSO), as defined in the ISPS Code, and the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA).. Security Officer for the day to day operations and job execution of unit’s Security Forces providing law enforcement, physical security, and force protection services.. as ship security officer [Section A-VI/5] are considered to have met both the “approved” security awareness training and the “approved” security training for seafarers with designated security duties..
Maritime Security Awareness Training Course Stories about pirate attacks, terrorism, stowaways, drug and gun smuggling and organised crime are 3-24 Ship Security Officer Means the person on board the ship, accountable to the master, designated by the Company as responsible for the security of the ship, including implementation and maintenance ofthe ship security plan and for liaison with the company security officer and port facility security officers. 3-25 STCW Code Means the seafarers' training, certification and watch keeping

ship security officer training manual pdf

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