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What to Do Against Disruptive Business Models (When and. What to Do Against Disruptive Business Models (When and.


To diversify or not to diversify - Constantinos Markides Article Recommended The link will take you to the Harvard Business Review. Please navigate to the correct year, volume and issue to locate the article. (1997, Vol 75, Issue 6, p93-99). Look up diversity or diversify in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Diversity, diversify, or diverse may refer to: Sociology, politics and law. Diversity (politics), the political and social policy of encouraging tolerance for people of different cultural and racial backgrounds.
Diversify or not diversify? Well, one has to trade off the loss of the upside with the protection on the downside. You need to ask yourself which is more important to you. For most people, the According to Markides, before attempting to diversify into new areas in which they lack key critical factors for success, companies must determine whether they can purchase, develop or make them
To Diversify or Not to Diversify by Constantinos C. Markides From The November–December 1997 Issue One of the most challenging decisions a company can confront is whether to diversify: the rewards and risks can be extraordinary. Markides, C., “Diversification, Refocusing and Economic Performance”, MIT Press, 1995 . Markides, C., “To Diversify or Not to Diversify”, Harvard Business Review, November–December 1997

The established firm should approach the decision in exactly the same manner that it would approach a decision to diversify into another market. It must, therefore, assess not only if the new market is attractive in general but whether—given its own bundle of core competences—it is attractive to this firm. That would be determined by what competences the firm has and whether these. Request PDF on ResearchGate To diversify or not to diversify One of the most challenging decisions a company can confront is whether to diversify. The rewards and risks are extraordinary.
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To diversify or not to diversify; Save to my profile. To diversify or not to diversify. Academic research . To diversify or not to diversify. Subject. Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Publishing details. in Harvard Business Review on strategies for growth, p 79-97, Harvard Business School Press, 1998. Authors / Editors. Markides C. Biographies. Markides C. Publication Year. 1998. Publication.

Along with Paul Geroski, Markides is the co-author of the groundbreaking Fast Second: How Smart Companies Bypass Radical Innovation to Enter & Dominate New Markets, which uses the metaphor of a landscape to describe the business world.. Thus, it can be important to not diversify too much. Remember, the average return on platforms like Lending Club is about 7%. The more loans you initially invest in, the more your account will start to reflect the platform’s average (and we can do better).. Contact our Speakers Bureau for Costas Markides's booking fee, appearance cost, speaking price, endorsement and/or marketing campaign cost..
to diversify or not to diversify? If you are thinking of ways to move forward with business development, it could be worth adding new treatments and services to your clinic's menu. How to Diversify Your Customer Base. Every business wants to reach a broader audience. Here are five free strategies to diversify your audience and to expand your reach. By Tara Miller. With the



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